Established in 1972, King King Pottery & Porcelian Co., Ltd. Specialized in manufacturing various high temperature sintering furnace, high temperature melting furnace and related peripheral. Our equipment suitable for ceramics, glass,  lazurite, enamel, aluminum-alloy, electric industry & forging industry.

In past 30 years, our 3 principles of  "Continuous R & D", "Quality First" and  "Fast Service" enable us to win the high praise from our customers. We also renew our products to meet the market needs regularly.

Especially, our company can design & manufacture special specifications of equipment for different products of customers. We can offer a full range of know-how and peripheral. Welcome your inquiry, we will give you a perfect proposal to upgrade your production efficience and cost-down.


  1. ceramic making machine
  2. porcelain making machine
  3. ceramic manufacturing equipment
  4. porcelain making whole plant
  5. ceramic making whole plant
  6. ceramic sintering furnace
  7. porcelain sintering furnace
  8. electronic ceramic reduction furnace
  9. electronic ceramic oxidized furnace
10. glass sintering furnace
11. lazurite sintering furnace
12. enamel sintering furnace
13. glass tunnel kiln

@ 14. lazurite tunnel kiln
15. enamel tunnel kiln
16. metallurgy sintering furnace
17. mineral sintering furnace
18. metallurgy annealing furnace
19. mineral annealing furnace
20. paint coating drying furnace
21. expasnion coefficient furnace
22. temperature different furnace
23. adobe forming machine
24. earth vacuum smelting machine
25. glaze grinding machine